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Июнь 2015 (published: 29.05.2015)

Number 2(24)

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UDC 621.86.067.2

Experimental stand feeder to assess the impact of ultrasonic oscillations on the expiry of cereals

Antufiev V.T., Demchenko V.A., Kazakov Y.R.

The theoretical and experimental study of improving the accuracy of the work feeders for bulk food products through the use of feeder - Hopper with ultrasonic flow stabilization. Feed flow semolina ultrasonic feeder - hopper through the outlet provided in the form of a stable movement of the fluidized particles with vibration resistance is proportional to the amplitude of the ultrasound. Attention is paid to low dependence of the accuracy of dosing of the floating height of the product in the feeder, but quite markedly from the uneven flow of bulk product in the dosing mechanism, startle dosing mechanism and foundations, the variability of the product (the proportion, size, heterogeneity, bulk density, hygroscopicity, flowability ability to granulation). The research work is aimed at studying the dosing process is difficult bulk grain products by selecting the parameters of the ultrasonic transducer, which effectively influence the uniformity of the expiry of their feeder while increasing the performance and reliability of the dispenser. Application of this technology will provide a stable supply of bulk materials with minimal specific energy consumption. Using the feeder considered at variance with the significantly reduce the annual cost overruns product. The experimental results show the possibility of applying ultrasound to enhance the stability of supply to the dosing bulk materials.
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Keywords: ultrasound, steady supply, the stabilization of the stream, increased resistance, supply bulk materials, the accuracy of the dose.

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