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Июнь 2015 (published: 29.05.2015)

Number 2(24)

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About influence of some parameters of work of the milling cutter of soft ice cream on its productivity

Tsuranov O.A. , Krysin A.G., Bykova V.V., Timofeyevsky A.L., Voronenko B.A., Pelenko V.V.

The data obtained based on the computer model of process of preparation of soft ice cream developed by authors in milling cutters of periodic action are reflected in work. It is shown that the production of ice cream with the proper taste due not only to its technological foundation, structure and properties of fillers, characterizing the type of ice cream, but also features the heat transfer process. A review of publications revealed considerable scatter of experimental data on the freezer with scraper agitators. This fact, as well as the opportunity to complete various freezers cooling units and stirrers made it necessary to clarify the physical picture of the phenomenon to understand and develop ways of intensification of the processes occurring in the cylinder freezer, as well as taking into account the degree of influence on their technological and structural factors.Influence of the parameters defining process of preparation of ice cream is established; the conditions determining the maximum productivity of a milling cutter are noted.It is shown that the greatest effect on the performance of the freezer has a change amount of clearance between the cylindrical surface and the scraper-stirrer, a revolution speed of the freezer is optimum that is dependent on the ratio of input energy to drive the scraper-mixer and the cooling capacity of the unit.
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Keywords: milling cutter of soft ice cream, milling cutter productivity, scraper mixer, and refrigerator refrigerating capacity.

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