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Июнь 2015 (published: 29.05.2015)

Number 2(24)

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UDC 637.5.032

Biotechnology regulation methods of functional and technological properties of minced systems

Merenkova S.P. , Lukin A A

Enzyme preparations allow purposefully regulate functional and technological properties of meat systems. Process for the effect of the transglutaminase protein is destroyed mechanically structuring and biochemical exposure of protein molecules, the formation of covalent bonds between amino groups of proteins as a single species or between proteins differing in type. Material for the study served as the enzyme transglutaminase brand "BioBond TG-EB3" (concentrated) produced by LLC "Flora Ingredients." The objects of study were samples of minced multicomponent systems made according to a recipe cooked meat products containing raw materials of animal and vegetable origin. In the fermentation process of the meat the reaction medium is gradually increased, moving from the isoelectric point of the meat protein, and more effectively shift reaction medium occurs in samples containing transglutaminase enzyme preparation. In the application of the enzyme THL prototypes minced systems observed increase in water-binding capacity, the level reached BCC value 99.70% already after 8 hours of maturation, which is associated with the accumulation of meat in salt-soluble protein system. Prototypes stuffing has the highest value of shear stress had higher durability and stability with respect to the applied voltage. The use of transglutaminase "fast" and "water-soluble" contributed to the formation of dense spatial framework and obtaining a monolithic structure of meat, which allows the formation of technological defects profilaktirovat finished products.
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Keywords: The enzyme transglutaminase, minced system, functional and technological properties, structural and mechanical properties, the maturation of raw meat, water binding capacity, limiting shear stress.

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