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Июнь 2015 (published: 29.05.2015)

Number 2(24)

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UDC 663.421

The methodology for determining the activity of malting barley germination

Belokurova E.S., Borisov L.M., Pankina I.A

Russia is  the  main exporterthe maltingbarley  in the world. Russia is takes of the the leading places.Barleyis used for the production of malt brewing. Malt production is at a high level  аt this point inRussia. Not always brewing barley grown in Russia, suitable for the production of malt, so sometimes use imported barley. Today is an issue of import substitution, producing enterprises must strengthen its position in the international market. To do this, you need to produce high-quality malt barley from domestic. Malt is a seed, germinated in a specially controlled environment. For the production of malt barley important indicator of quality is its ability to germinate. In Russia, according to the instructions on the techno-chemical control of the brewing industry are determined by such factors as the energy of germination, germination capacity and vitality. In some European countries define the index of germination.This article provides a comparative analysis of methods for determining the vitality of malting barley and defined indexes of various samples of barley germination.
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Keywords: brewing barley, malt, viability, germination index.

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