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March 2015 (published: 27.02.2015)

Number 1(23)

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UDC 539.217 2:66.084

Extraction during periodic injection of an extractant into the vapour phase

Ivanov E.V. , Matveeva N.A.

The extraction target components process from the plant raw materials with harshly periodic decompression in the extractor is considered. By means of using hydraulic air-jet under the pressure of 20 MPa extractant is injected to the steam phase at the temperature below of the steam. As a result of steam condensation on droplets of fluid the apparatus pressure is decreased in 16-65 times during the fraction of a second and the extractant is boiled up. Vacuum oscillating extractant boiling mode was researched and the way of the process intensification after coming to the "regular" mode (extraction rate is harshly decreased) by redistributing of the target components from depths of raw material particles to their surface. Installation schemes and the results of experiments are offered demonstrating the effectiveness of this extraction method.
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Keywords: extraction, boiling extractant, periodic apparatus vacuumizing.

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