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Декабрь 2014 (published: 03.12.2014)

Number 4(22)

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UDC 664.736

Research and intensification of dynamic crushing fruit lemon beverage with pulp

Minaeva L.V. , Alexeev G.V.

This paper shows the analysis carried out in the study of the process of dynamic crushing fruits and vegetables blade tool, described apparatus designed for chopping fruits and vegetables with the help of the rotational motion of knife body and developed design servovidnogo blade body. The physical-mechanical and structural properties of foods, influencing the course of the grinding process, the physical model is considered as the fruit of lemon viscoelastic body. The optimal shape of the cutting blade, which allows to intensify the process. The experimental part of the project, indicating the changing parameters and constant grinding process. Besides presents the simulation grinding lemon fruit knife blade body with neural models based on experimental data obtained in the grinding process by which the specification of optimal grinding parameters, allowing to determine the effect of design and process parameters on the characteristics of the grinding process and identify the most important of them.
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Keywords: lemon drink; dynamic and milling; lemon; shape of the knife; cutterhead; neural networks.

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