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June 2014 (published: 01.06.2014)

Number 2(20)

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UDC 637.5

Minced Lamb Properties in Relation to Meat Grinding Degree

Murashev S.V., Kurbanov B.M

For sausages production various kinds of raw meat including lamb are used. Depending on the type of sausage (raw-smoked or cooked ones) stuffing with either low or high water binding capacity (WBC) is required. The desired value of WBC is regulated with the raw meat grinding degree. At the same time, WBC of proteins is determined by the protein environment pH deviation from its iso-electric point. In this respect it is necessary to investigate the possibility of influence of raw meat grinding degree on the stuffing pH. This paper proves that it is pH change during a grinding process rather than decrease in minced stuffing dispersion degree that can serve as the source of influence on a minimum stuffing WBC necessary for production of raw smoked sausages. Muscle tissue grinding can not be regarded as only a mechanical process, in fact, as it can be shown by the example of lamb, grinding is a combination of mechanical and chemical changes occurring in muscular tissue.
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Keywords: lamb, degree of meat grinding, water binding capacity, meat stuffing pH.

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