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June 2013 (published: 01.06.2013)

Number 2(16)

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Features of technology freezings of gentle berries

Filipov V.I., Eglit A. Yu., Shilkin A.S.

Now in the world there is a tendency of approximation of objects of processing of agricultural production to seats of its cultivation. One of painful points of this system is preparation for long-time storage of such gentle garden berries as, a strawberry and a raspberry. Minimal timeframe of their storage at temperatures of air close to 0 °С, is aggravated with loss of a packaging at transportation. Serious minus at a traditional way of freezing of these berries in freezersfluidizing the device is power consumption. It is especially appreciable for mobile sites of freezing. Appreciable decrease in power inputs probably at variation of technology of freezing by its realization in two stages: freezing of a superficial layer in the device with further freezing in volume of storage. The information on a temperature floor of a berry is necessary for search of rational versions of system cooling supply such site at the first stage of freezing that is possible only on the basis of a numerical method of the solution to the problem of non-stationary heat conductivity.
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Keywords: storage, decrease in power inputs, a temperature field.

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