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SEPTEMBER 2011 (published: 01.09.2011)

Number 2(12)

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UDC 637.528

Influence of ethanol and electron-beam radiation on the acidity of pork muscle tissue

Orehova S.M., Alla P. Nechiporenko, Ulyana Yu. Nechiporenko, Vasileva I., Myakin S.

We study the influence of ethanol pretreatment of the surface of pork full-piece muscle tissue and gotten from it forcemeat samples and muscle fiber samples by pH- 2 metry and microscopy methods. Ethanol pretreatment permitted to differentiate on the time scale manifestation of autolysis and microbial processes during storage of the samples in post-radiation period at +4C. We marked summarized stabilizing effect of ethanol and electron-beam radiation at varied dose 12.5 – 50.0 kGy on the acidity muscle tissue samples with their pH pre-servation at the normal level during 3 – 4 weeks. It is shown that conditions of ethanol pretreatment concretize preferential directivity of radiolysis and following autolysis. At that versus of electron-beam radiation absorbed dose in muscle tissue samples gene-rates selective culture mediums. Quality composition of forming culture medium prede-termines quantity, composition and morphology of microorganisms.
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Keywords: electron-beam irradiation, muscle tissue, the radiolysis

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