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SEPTEMBER 2011 (published: 01.09.2011)

Number 2(12)

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UDC 665.37.047.79

Reserves of energy saving in the process of drying of vegetable oils phospholipid emulsion

Altaiuly S.

The examples of reserves of energy saving in the drying process of phospholipid emulsions of vegetable oils in the rotary-film apparatus have been shown. Energy saving in the drying process is achieved by blending the original product with separated filtration of vapor mixtures of phospholipid fatty emulsion of vegetable oil and by producing steam in the steam generator with regulated energy supply from the condensate formed in the heating jacket of the evaporator and the refrigeration unit, which improves the quality of the finished products and reduce material costs; by middleware products pre-heating coolant heated in the condenser by heat released as a result of compression of the refrigerant in the compressor refrigeration system, which improves the energy efficiency of the evaporation process, and reduce energy consumption per unit weight of the finished product; by the direction after the condenser of the intermediate coolant to heat escaping from the apparatus of the finished product, which allows him to ensure the timely removal out of the device and the further transportation when processing in subsequent stages.
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Keywords: energy saving, drying process, phospholipid emulsions, rotary-film apparatus

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