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2021 (published: 17.12.2021)

Number 4(50)

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UDC 664-436.1

Fine fraction loss process in the production of instantized products

Plotnikov K.B. , Popov Anatoly M., Plotnikova Irina O., Plotnikov Igor B. , Ustinova Yulia V.

A series of experiments on determining the dust loss from a drum drying unit with controlled segregated flows in order to find a way to reduce it was carried out. The influence of mechanical activation of native potato starch as one of the initial components on the dust loss was determined. Dependences of dust loss at the basic mode and design parameters in a drum vibration unit were obtained. It was found that the speed of the drying agent and the frequency of rotation of the belt agitator have the greatest influence on the fine fraction loss, since increasing the speed leads to increasing the frequency of formation of downward flows of granules from the blades. Also increasing the frequency of rotation of the agitator leads to the formation of a fine fraction due to the abrasion of the granules in the area that corresponds to the achievement of equilibrium humidity of the dried product and coolant. The proportion of particles under 20 microns carried away is about 35% of the total by mass. It was found that the instantized product based on potato starch, subjected to solid-phase mechanical activation, is less subject to the abrasion due to a denser packing of particles in the granule, due to which less dust loss with the drying agent was observed. The experimental and statistical models obtained allow selecting the apparatus configuration of the gas purification process for the instantized beverage production line. As a gas purification system, according to the results of the work, a two-stage scheme of purification of the coolant spent was proposed. For the second stage of gas purification a wet method of gas purification in apparatuses with internal liquid circulation to return the product in the form of emulsion to the stage of preparation of binder solution was proposed.
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Keywords: granulation process; decrease of dust loss; instantized beverages; drum vibration unit

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2021-14-4-37-45

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