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2021 (published: 27.09.2021)

Number 3(49)

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UDC 664.11:543.21

L-arabinose caramelization in the presents of L-ascorbic acid in ethanolic medium

Cherepanov I.S.

Caramel compositions are one of the most common substances in the food industry, having a wide range of functionality. Recently, synthetic caramels based on monosaccharides have attracted particular attention, varying the production conditions of which their structural parameters and properties can be controlled. One of the actual directions ofthe caramel synthesis is the modification of transformed carbohydrates with functional additives that optimize the properties of the target product, which determines the purpose of the study. The results presented herein show that it is possible to obtain a co-caramelization product of L-arabinose and L-ascorbic acid in an ethanol medium. Based on electron and IR Fourier transform spectroscopy data, structural changes of initial components during caramelization are shown, quantitative evaluation of chrominance parameters such as CI (EBC unit) = 32105, RI (Red Index) = 1.30, and YI (Yellow Index) = 2.20 was carried out. Under the accepted experimental conditions, caramelization processes of carbohydrate with ascorbic acid are activated, which makes it possible to obtain caramel products under mild conditions with a low degree of structural transformation of the initial components. This conclusion is confirmed by the absence offuran heterocycles absorption bands (region 1580–1500 cm-1) in the IR Fourier transform spectrum of the isolated caramel and by elemental analysis data. In addition, the antioxidant activity of isolated caramel, estimated as permanganate oxidability, is slightly lower than free ascorbic acid, nevertheless remains comparable to the model antioxidant.
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Keywords: caramelization; arabinose; ascorbic acid; color parameters; ethanolic medium; spectroscopy

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2021-14-3-23-29

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