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2021 (published: 27.09.2021)

Number 3(49)

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UDC 663.481

The influence of ultrasonic treatment on the anaerobic processing of brewer’s spent grains into biogas

Zhitkov V.V., Akhremchik O.L.

The influence of the process of preliminary ultrasonic treatment of the brewer's grains substrate to increase the production of biogas from the waste of brewing production was investigated. The experiment was carried out by simulating the process of biogas synthesis in a single-phase laboratory anaerobic bioreactor for fermentation of beer grains by bacteria of a complex of anaerobic metangenetic bacteria (Methanobacteriales). The experimental results show that the production of biogas in the methanogenic phase is carried out more intensively at temperatures in the range of 20–40℃. The methane content in biogas production can be maintained at more than 50% at temperatures above 20 but below 60℃. It was found that the characteristics of the acidogenic and methanogenic phases deteriorate significantly with a decrease in temperature to 20℃, since at such temperatures the microbial activity seems to be inhibited. Accordingly, such a lower temperature is unfavorable for the operation of the acidogenic and methanogenic phases, while moderate temperatures above 25℃are more favorable for increasing the efficiency of biogas production. A regression equation has been obtained that confirms the effect of temperature in the bioreactor, the frequency of ultrasonic exposure during the pretreatment of spent grain, and their combined effect on biogas production. The modes of processing brewer's grains using ultrasound have been determined, which enhance the efficiency of the biogas production process: the temperature of the process is 40°C; ultrasonic processing frequency – 50 kHz.
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Keywords: biotechnology; acoustic impact; waste processing; biogas production; spent grain; biogas

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2021-14-3-13-22

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