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December 2020 (published: 15.12.2020)

Number 4(46)

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UDC 641/663.82

Application of fruit and berry raw materials in hot drink recipes

Chugunova O.V., Graschenkov D.V., Vyatkin A.V.

The article presents research on the development of organoleptically compatible recipes and technologies for hot drinks of the pronounced antioxidant properties based on fruits and berries of varieties growing in the Sverdlovsk region with the addition of English Breakfast black tea, Earl Gray black tea, Tie Guan Yin green tea, Milk Oolong green tea, and Sencha green tea, as well as various brands of tea blends and tea-bags. In addition, we used dried medicinal and technical raw materials and spices. It was found that the values of the antioxidant activity (AOA) of tea bags and tea drinks are in the range from 0.274 to 12.809mmol-eq/dm3; in the pekoe teas they are in the range from 9.375 to 14.531 mmol-eq/dm3; in the raw materials of plant origin growing in the Sverdlovsk region they are from 0.513 to 8.227 mmol-eq/dm3. The greatest total antioxidant activity has been observed in: Prevoshodnaya sea buckthorn cultivar– 2.204 mmol-eq/dm3; Vladimirskaya cherry variety – 4.971 mmol-eq/dm3; Chernoplodnaya aronia variety –8.026 mmol-eq/dm3; Globus black currant variety– 8.227 mmol-eq/dm3. According to the research results, the total AOA value for developed hot drinks prepared from fresh fruits and berries was from 13.641 to 20.815 mmol-eq/dm3, and for hot drinks prepared on the basis of Frozen semi-finished product from fruits and berries – from 13.576 to 20.772 mmol-eq/dm3, which is 42-65% of the recommended daily consumption rate in terms of ascorbic acid (ascorbic acid AOA values – 32.024 ± 0.350 mmol – eq/dm3). The developed hot drinks have high values of antioxidant activity, which means that they can increase the amount of antioxidants in the diet of consumers and thereby reduce the negative impact of oxidative stress. The proposed technique of hot drinks manufacturing with the use of frozen semi-finished product allows to increase the rate of technological process significantly
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Keywords: tea drinks; fruit and berry raw materials; antioxidant activity; quality assessment

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2020-10-4-39-52

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