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2020 (published: 23.03.2020)

Number 1(43)

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Peptide-polysaccharide complexes of kelp slime, marshmallow root, flax s

Alla P. Nechiporenko, Minevich I.E., Ulyana Yu. Nechiporenko, Ситникова В. Е., Gromova D.A.

Infrared spectroscopy of frustrated total internal reflection (IR spectroscopy ofFTIR) was used to study the peptide-polysaccharide complexes obtained by water extraction of mucus for 120 min at 40–45°C, followed by precipitation with three times excess of ethanol, isopropyl alcohol of varying concentrations (23–67%), and trichloroacetic acid (3%) from dry powdered samples of thalli of kelp, marshmallow root, and whole seed of different flax varieties of national selection. Regardless of the type of raw materials, the nature of the mucus produced by the plant (intercellular, intracellular, and membrane), the nature of the precipitator and fractionation (marshmallow root) during the deposition of protein-polysaccharide complexes, a single structured band was observed in the area of protein components (1750–1500 cm-1) in the spectra of all samples of polysaccharide extracts and purified polysaccharide complexes, characterizing the peptide structure of the protein component as a part of a polysaccharide matrix. The position of the strip maximum at about 1600 cm-1 and its shape determines rather the species than the varietal difference of the studied raw materials, associated with the length of the polypeptide chains. The stability of peptide-polysaccharide structures under varying conditions of their isolation and drying temperature indicates the prospects of their use for the purpose depending on the length of the peptide chains and their amino acid composition in food technologies, medicine, cosmetology, and pharmacology.
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Keywords: IR spectroscopy; plant mucus; peptide-polysaccharide complexes

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2020-10-1-3-17

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