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December 2019 (published: 17.12.2019)

Number 4(42)

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UDC 661.722

The prospects of application of Leningradskaya 6 wheat in ethyl alcohol technology

Tokbaeva A.A., Satsyuk K.A. , Xintong Cheng, Ustinova A S, Barakova N.V.

The prospects of using a new variety of wheat in ethyl alcohol technology were investigated. The object of study was the Leningradskaya 6 wheat variety. The developer and patent holder are Leningrad Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture "Belogorka." Since 2010, the variety is included in the state register and recommended for cultivation in the Leningrad region. The chemical composition of wheat is as follows: 14% of moisture content, 56.0% of starch content, and 12.2% of protein. The prospects of using Leningradskaya 6in the technology of ethyl alcohol was evaluated by the strength of the mash, the concentration of unfermentedcarbohydrates, the amount of undissolved starch, and the yield of ethanol. Wheat grown in Altai was chosen as an object of comparison. The chemical composition of wheat is: 13.2% of moisture content, 53.0% of starch content, and 11% of protein. The degree of grain refinement was a passage through a sieve with a diameter of 1 mm 52% and 50%, the mixing ratio was 1:3, the saccharified wort was prepared accordingto the traditional low-temperature scheme with the addition of enzymatic preparations of a fluidizing effect – Distizym BA-T Special – containing thermostable amylase (0.3 units/g of starch); and Xylanase-containing Distizym GL (0.5 units/g of raw material). Wort saccharification was carried out using Distizym AG enzyme preparation containing glucoamylase (7.0 units/g of starch). For hydrolyzation of the protein and obtaining additional nitrogen nutrition for the yeast Distizym Protoacid Extra enzyme preparation (0.2–0.8 units/g of raw material) has been added. The fermentation of the wort was performed using Fermiol distiller yeasts. Determination of the physicochemical parameters of the wort and the fermented wash was carried out according to standard methods used in the alcohol industry. As a result of the experiments a wash was obtained for Leningradskaya 6 variety with the following characteristics: alcohol content in the distillate – 10.0 vol.%, and alcohol yield – 66.24 ml/100g of starch. For the wheat of the Altai region alcohol content in the distillate was 9,0% and alcohol yield was 65.73 ml/100 g of the starch, which complies with the standards established for distilleries. The addition of a proteolytic enzyme preparation into the saccharified wort from Leningradskaya 6 wheat increased the yield of alcohol up to 70.00 dal/tn of starch on the average.
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Keywords: alcohol industry; ethyl alcohol; wheat; Leningradskaya 6; enzyme preparations; alcohol yield

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2019-12-4-95-101

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