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March 2018 (published: 31.03.2018)

Number 1(35)

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Increase the efficiency of cutting on the part of fruit and vegetable raw materials close to the spherical form

Kravcova E.V., Pelenko V.V.

The article concerns increasing the cutting efficiency for the fruit and vegetable raw material close to  the sphericalform, and reducing energy consumption for the cutting process and losses of fruit and vegetable raw materials during processing by profiling the cutting edge of the knife blade. The object of the study was fruit and vegetable fruit and raw materials closest in appearance to spherical form, being a mixture of fruits with different contents of cell sap, for example, citrus fruits and tomatoes. The efficiency of the plant, the type of cut with various designs of the cutting tool, the amount of fruit and vegetable juice being lost depending on the cutting speed and the storage time were determined. The interaction of the blade with the material was analyzed in its simplest case of contact interaction of fruit and vegetable raw materials with cutting equipment. The following aspects were investigated: specific deformations in the contact area; development of a principal solution; the creation of a rational cutting unit and working tools for grinding; the design of technology and the manufacturing of a prototype; installation and debugging; operation of the prototype; fine-tuning of knots or individual parts. In determining the quality of raw materials conventional and special devices were used. It is shown that, when grinding fruit and vegetable raw material with the blade tool of the proposed configuration, minimal contact forces and a minimum specific energy intensity of the process are achieved since shock loads on the product are eliminated by matching the first derivatives of the blade profile and the profile of theelastic line of the deformed fruits. The device with the experimental knife proved to be more effective both in terms of minimizing the loss of cell juice and in terms of economic advantages of manufacturing and maintenance.
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Keywords: details of machines and apparatus; pretreatment of food products; cutting into parts; fruit and vegetable raw materials; blade tool; energy intensity.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2016-11-1-35-42

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