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March 2017 (published: 30.03.2017)

Number 1(31)

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The effect of multiple extraction and temperature in the processing of nettle and birch leaves in adevice with vibrating plate

Savenko A.V.

This article deals with the effect of extract antrepeated use and its initial temperature on the extraction of dried plant material in a device with vibration plate aimed at reducing the energy consumption of the technology for obtaining concentrated extracts and shortening the time of the technological cycle. The dried leaves of nettle and birch were processed. Extraction was carried out by the method of imposing low-frequency mechanical oscillations in a device with periodic vibration plate. Investigation concerning the influence of temperature and repeated use of the extractant was made on rational parameters of the apparatus resulted from our previous studies. The extractor was heated to the required temperature together with the chamber of the apparatus equipped with a heating jacket, after which the raw materials were processed. For repeated extraction steps the extraction from the previous ones was used as the extractant. The resulting meal was subjected to repeated extraction to calculate the loss of extractive substances. In all cases the extraction was performed until the system reached equilibrium concentration. It was found that an increase in the initial temperature of the extractant leads to a reduction in the time to reach the equilibrium concentration, however, the energy spent to prepare the extractant of a higher temperature is much greater than the energy savings resulting from the reduction in the processing time in the extractor. As a result, the initial temperature of the extractant is recommended to be of 20°C. Multiple extraction procedure allows obtaining more saturated extracts. This reduces the energy costs when concentrating, however, the savings thus obtained cover the costs resulting from the loss of extractive substances in the raw material only when extracted twice. Therefore, it is possible to recommend the number of extractant passes equal to two.
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Keywords: extraction of plant material; dried leaves of nettle and birch; extracting temperature; multiple extraction; machine with vibration plate

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2017-10-1-59–66

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