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2016 (published: 16.12.2016)

Number 4(30)

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UDC 637.143

Rheological properties of water-grain suspensions on the basis of crushed malt

Alexander G. Novoselov, Malakhov Yu.L., Stepanenko A.V. , Gulyaeva Yu. N.

The article demonstrates the results of experiments with the rheological properties of malting suspensions and comparison of the received values for dynamic viscosity coefficient with the ones of barley suspensions. It is shown that malting suspensions have lower values of dynamic viscosity coefficients under comparable experimental conditions. The systematization of the array of experimental dates is made. The dates concerns the selection of three characteristic zones on the viscosity-temperature curves, separated by four reference points from each other: the beginning of the measurement process at the temperature of 25°C and dynamic viscosity coefficient; the lowest value of dynamic viscosity coefficient;  the highest value of dynamic viscosity coefficient; the final value of dynamic viscosity coefficient. The mathematical relations giving the opportunity to predict the change of dynamic viscosity coefficient given the change of their numerical composition, temperature, and sliding velocity are given. It is shown that, if the sliding velocity is less than 234 с-1, malting suspensions have the lowest value of dynamic viscosity coefficient and then this value increases in course of time.
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Keywords: malt suspension; dynamic viscosity coefficient; brewery; reference points

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2016-9-4-83-90

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