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2016 (published: 16.12.2016)

Number 4(30)

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UDC 663.885

Prediction of shelf life by accelerated testing in the technology of functional beverages

Matveeva N.A. , Khasanov A.R.

The article deals with the analysis of a functional drink preventing cardiovascular diseases to determine its shelf life. The experiment was carried out by accelerated shelf life testing method (ASLT). For this purpose Arrhenius model and the Q10criterion, evaluating the change in the rate of chemical reaction with the one in temperature for every 10°C, were used.The following physical - chemical parameters were chosen as control ones: the change of  the mass fraction of anthocyanins and the total content of phenolic compounds, as well as the changes in the organoleptic characteristics (color, smell, taste). Tests were carried out at the temperature of 60°C by the following methods of analysis: spectrophotometry and permanganometry. To determine the organoleptic quality the control sample was tested at 20°C. Samples were taken at regular time intervals 0; 7; 14; 21 days. Shelf life is determined by the time from the beginning of the experiment until the drink becomes unsuitable in terms of one or more parameters in question. It was found that at the temperature of 60°C there occurred a substantial decrease in the content of anthocyanins and phenolic compounds after 7 days, which resulted in the change of organoleptic properties – the color of the drink turned into light brown. This corresponds to 3.7 months of the storage under standard conditions. Shelf life can be extended up to 11–12 months, if an additional amount of plant extracts is introduced during manufacturing to compensate for the losses of flavonoids during storage.
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Keywords: functional drink; shelf life; accelerated shelf life testing; Arrhenius equation; Q10 criterion; anthocyanins; phenolic substances; organoleptic characteristics

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2016-9-4-75-82

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