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2016 (published: 16.12.2016)

Number 4(30)

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UDC 663.4: 664.6

The peculiarities of mathematical modelling for the kinetics of microorganisms’ cultivation

Vyacheslav B. Tishin , Fedorov Alexander V.

The work presents approaches to modelling the kinetics of microorganisms’ cultivation  in modern biotechnology process for food products from vegetable raw materials. The necessity and the urgency of mathematical modeling for biotechnological processes in the modern conditions of maximum automation and computerization of production are substantiated. The physical, chemical, and biological processes exemplified by the cultivation of microorganisms in actual fermentation production are described in detail. Difficulties and peculiarities that can be encountered at different stages of mathematical modelling (initial stage of modeling, setting objectives, and problem solving itself) are shown. Several examples of finding mathematical models to describe the kinetics of the biological processes, both by empirical and semi-empirical methods, are analyzed. Discussion, conclusions, and recommendations can be useful not only for scientist, but for the specialists in the field of designing technological processes.
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Keywords: experimental data; biological processes; empirical and semi-empirical methods; mathematical model

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2016-9-4-65-74

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