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March 2016 (published: 30.03.2016)

Number 1(27)

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UDC 664.8.047

Drying modes for edible food packing wrap

Nugmanov A.H-H., Nikulina M.A.

The main aim is to develop innovative technology of drying water-soluble biodegradable food packaging films for a wide range of frozen and refrigerated semi-finished products and ready for use products as an alternative to traditional plastic packaging. On the basis of scientific literature and experimental studies we have suggested a new combined drying method to pllenochnym materials based on sodium alginate and carried out by infrared drying and vacuuming. Modes of drying process were designed, tested, and scientifically proved: vacuum depth is 720–730 tоrr; initial temperature of the product to be dried is 25–30°C; heat flow density is less than 2.3 kW/m2. Experiments to study the drying kinetics and to develop a mathematical model of the statistical dependence between dry product output and mode parameters of a dryer for drying packaging film based on sodium alginate were carried out. Also multifactorial experiments were carried out at varying levels of such factors as the initial solids content, the height of the material layer to be dried, the degree of vacuum in the drying chamber, the incident radiation flux density, the wavelength in the IR spectrum of the generator. Using these data mathematical model allowing to plan the drying results of the object tested depending on the initial parameters the material and the dryer was obtained. It allows reducing the time of processing while keeping the material quality. The developed drying method and pilot dryer can be recommended to implement for drying edible packaging materials based on sodium alginate.
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Keywords: food packaging; biodegradable packaging; water-soluble polymers; baking foods; combined method of drying.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1164-2016-9-1-15-23

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