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September 2015 (published: 17.09.2015)

Number 3(25)

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Prospects for the use of secondary raw materials mill products in the technology of bakery products

Merenkova S.P. , Lukin A A

Increasing food and biological value provided targeted correction of the chemical composition of food products through the use of unconventional as additives plant material containing a complex of biologically valuable nutrients. State program provides for an increase in the production of bakery products, dietetic and enriched with micronutrients. Russia annually produced a lot of secondary raw materials and waste products of grain processing. Thus, the processing of buckwheat husks and formed muchka, characterized unique chemical composition, high biological value. Use of additives from the raw waste mill products in the baking industry allows to intensify the process, create the optimum rheology test, improve biotechnological properties of yeast, bakery products expand the range of functionality. Experimentally, as a result of testing the use of buckwheat polish discharge in the formulation of rye-wheat bread «Russian» found that with increasing concentration of the additive increases the intensity of the accumulation of acid, lift the dough, flour decreased autolytic activity. The final products showed increase of lipid fractions, fiber, moisture and increase the porosity of  bread. Physico-chemical and organoleptic characteristics of products produced by innovative technology, consistent with the requirements of the state standard. The resulting bakery products characterized by optimum taste, aroma characteristics, attractive appearance, elastic crumb with a uniform porosity.
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Keywords: bakery, secondary raw materials, buckwheat muchka, food and biological value, fermentation test, lift, organoleptic characteristics.

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