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September 2015 (published: 17.09.2015)

Number 3(25)

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UDC 66.083.2

Improvement of technology and equipment for an intensification of production of flour confectionery

Verboloz E.I., Antufiev V.T., Savchenko R.N.

We proposed and patented by complex technology and equipment for production of ecologically pure pastry in Combi steamers. Experimentally confirmed that despite intensified ultrasound technique for handling dough, it turned out to be energetically more favorable. Labor costs fell at 1.6 times with high quality products. Of particular note is the increase in the organoleptic indicators by increasing porosity and exceptionally smooth surface of the product, strengthen the aroma and taste of baking. All stages of continuous fermentation, baking and cooling confectionery products are implemented in one device without operator intervention. The peculiarity of this technology is the intensification of all processes metered ultrasound. The previously described construction of experimental-industrial heat apparatus with integrated ultrasonic device based on the steamer Angelo Po (Italy). Convection allows you to perform all operations from proofing to cooling the finished product in the automatic mode on the predetermined programme, i.e. it has the possibility to program the entire production process of bagels, biscuits, etc. products with dosage ultrasonic processing. The peculiarity of the technology is to reduce the temperature to 30–40°C, that reduces the formation of carcinogenic substances and increases the output of products.
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Keywords: ultrasound, intensification of production, automation, pastry, reducing energy costs.

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