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June 2014 (published: 01.06.2014)

Number 2(20)

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The domestic experimental equipment to explore of the processes of vacuum dehydration

Semenov G. V., Bulkin M.S., Cherskiy V.V.

Removal of moisture under vacuum at pressures below the triple point pressure of water phase transition "ice - pairs" sublimation of frozen pre-materials at low temperatures provides a high level of security the original properties of the product allows you to keep the nutrients, vitamins, trace elements, original shape, natural scent , taste and color. To study the vacuum dewatering, drying modes of development of various products, conduct scientific experiments used a small laboratory setting performance. The article presents a brief overview of the experimental equipment of domestic production for diverse research in the freeze-drying heat-sensitive materials. Considered their technical features, capabilities and key advantages. Discussed above experimental equipment domestic production allows diverse research in the field of vacuum dehydration. These settings on the complex properties, its capabilities and specifications are not inferior to foreign analogues, and its value are preferred. Design considered domestic dryers is flexible, allowing consistent with the experimental studies to equip them with additional elements and lay them with new functions.
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Keywords: freeze drying, laboratory facility, equipment for vacuum dehydration.

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